Zengani Building Projects Is A Registered Close Corporation With Over 13 Years Of Excellent Experience In Waterproofing,Damp Proofing,Roof Coating,Crack Repairs,Plastering,Epoxy Coating And Polyurethane Coating.We Are Flexible To Work Anywhere Around Gauteng,Northwest,Mpumalanga And Parts Of Limpopo,Free State And Northern Kwazulu Natal.We Are Specialists In All Types Of Waterproofing And Damp Proofing Related Services.Our Services Are:1)Services & Product Applications(Waterproofing,Damp Proofing & Re-Plastering,(Chemical),Roof Coating,Crack Repairs,Epoxy Coating,Polyurethane Coating,Optional Service-Re-Paint For Damp Proofing Work Undertaken.1.1 Waterproofing And Damp Proofing:(Flat Concrete Roofs,Parapets & Wall Tops,Ibr & Corrugated Roofs,Flashings,Expansion Joints,Floors,Flower And Plant Boxes,Window Sills,Basements,Cellars And Tunnels,Reservoirs,Showers,Balconies And Patio,Retaining Walls,Underground Concrete Chambers.9.2:Damp Proofing:(Rising Damp,Lateral Damp,Exterior Tanking,Internal Tanking,Floor Tanking.1.2 Re-Plastering (Chemical):Our Re-Plastering Is Based Damp Related Work,We Don'T Do Plastering As A Standalone Work But As A Finishing Off Work On Damp Proofing.Our Other Services That We Also Specialize In Are,But As Standalone Or Seperate Services:Crack Repairs,Epoxy Coating,Polyurethane Coating,Repainting As Finishing Off On Damp Proofing Work,Tiling Of Balconies After Waterproofing On Such.We Are More Of A Specialist Contractor,Than General Contractors.2:Target Market:Residential,Industrial,Commercial,Goverment Development.Motto:Giving Solutions & Quality To Buildings.

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Tel: 011 053 6135(OFFICE) / 073 284 9552 (MOBILE) 
Fax: 086 572 2014
Email: info@zenganibp.co.za
Website: https://www.zenganibp.co.za